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Friday, August 14, 2009
today's THE day!

Today's the day!! When I got up this morning I saw that my husband had tweeted some of the lyrics to Martina McBride's "In My Daughter's Eyes." Which was so not cool - trying to make me cry. If you haven't heard it you can here. Prepare for boo-hooing! I kept it together though. She was raring to go this morning and couldn't wait to leave wearing her cute little uniform.

I made her note and packed her lunch (today's ice cream day!):

And off we went to school. Once we turned down the Kindergarten hall, she started getting apprehensive. When we left she started crying and had to leave her that way but we've already heard that the tears dried up when we left. I didn't cry a bit! She's been too excited for me to be sad.

And here's a shot that every parent can get on the new day of school:

Bright white new shoes! Today is the last day they will ever be clean :( To celebrate tonight, we're going to the Rainforest Cafe (her choice)! Thanks for all the well wishes via comments, facebook & twitter. I appreciate it!!

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Thursday, August 13, 2009
1 day to go!

One last piece of art to wrap up the countdown. This has been in my sketchbook for a while and thought it was a perfect piece for this little series.

Tomorrow is THE day!!

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009
2 days to go!

The Woog's allergies finally caught up with her today so she's been resting all afternoon so I decided to do a quick piece on my own.

Tomorrow: Art for 1 day to go!

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009
3 days to go!

Knowing my work, you should have expected an alphabet so that's what we did today. The Woog wrote her alphabet and I used her letters in this design.

Tomorrow: Art for 2 days to go!

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Monday, August 10, 2009
4 days to go!

Picked some veggies in our garden today and decided to make a school picture of them all. I let the Woog draw her's first and decided who would be in her class. Then I did mine real quick (but didn't name them like she did).

Tomorrow: Art for 3 days to go!

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5 days to go!

Didn't get a chance to post things yesterday but we did finger print art. This is apparently what we will all look like on the first day of school (art directed completely by the Woog).

Tomorrow: Art for 4 days to go!

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Saturday, August 08, 2009
6 days to go!

Decided to do some art on the chalkboard today. I drew the bus and she added "her friends" in the windows and colored the bus some.

While I was getting this post together, I heard her in the kitchen yell "Daddy, come look at my bus, it's better than Mommy's!" So you be the judge (I think it is better).

Tomorrow: Art for 5 days to go!

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Friday, August 07, 2009
7 days to go!

Today we visited my MIL and she gave the Woog a bag a school supplies so the entire way home she drew pictures. When I opened the car door, about 30 separate pictures she had drawn in a 1 hour period fell out. She cracked herself up while drawing them all. Most were portraits and the one she did of her daddy as a duck chicken was hilarious. It's isn't school themed but made with brand new school supplies so I guess that counts. You can see her cut drawing here.

Since we were out and about most of the day so I had to squeeze in this little collage while sitting with my grandmother a bit with nothing more than a pen, glue stick and Walgreen's school supply ad.

No bad for a quick 10 minute collage! I'm hoping tomorrow we have more time to make a bigger project together. She's had something in mind all along to make!!

Tomorrow: Art for 6 days to go!

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Thursday, August 06, 2009
8 days to go!

I've been making lunch box notes for every school day since she was three. She went to Mother's Day out twice a week, but now that she'll be going five days a week, I've got to carve out some time to make one for everyday. I usually make the notes the morning before school, but I don't think there will be time so I'll have to make them in advance. I started photographing the notes but they piled up quickly and haven't been able to shoot them individually yet (my plan is to compile a book of all the pictures, while the actually notes will stay in her keep sake box). You can see some notes here, but here are some of the notes from last year (click on the image to read the notes):

Today we collaborated on a little project. Much to the Woog's delight, they will have ice cream in the cafeteria. So, I decided that she can get ice cream every Friday. I wanted to include a little ice cream cone in her lunch box on Fridays so she would know when she could get it. No note, no ice cream. So she picked out the colors and did some stamping on the ice cream while I put everything together and added more color. I then laminated it so I can reuse it for the entire year:

Tomorrow: Art for 7 days to go!

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Wednesday, August 05, 2009
9 days to go!

Well, we're finally here. Nine days away from the first day of Kindergarten so to celebrate (and help us both get prepared & excited) we're doing school themed art everyday until THE day! We haven't nailed down exactly what we'll do, but some days we'll be on our own and others will work on a piece together.

This transition wouldn't be as easy if it wasn't for:

  • If my aunt teaching Kindergarten across the hall from the Woog's class

  • Knowing that this school is the best school for her and in line with our family teaching & values

  • Her being so excited to start school and looking forward to it for more than a year.

  • Looking so darn cute in her school uniform.

  • Me being excited and geared up with so many ideas & prospects to grow my business even more under a more steady (& quiet!) schedule

My contribution for today's art was to make the series header and little countdown tag above.

You can check out her art celebrating 9 days to go here!

Tomorrow: Art for 8 days to go!

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